At our Annual Conference this year we are honoring three valuable members of the North Carolina legal community as winners of the 2016 Gwyneth B. Davis Award: Christopher Brook, Legal Director of the ACLU of North Carolina; Beth S. Posner, Clinical Assistant Professor of Law at UNC; and Julie Klipp Nicholson, coordinator of the Buncombe County Family Justice Center. We hope you join us at the PNC Awards Banquet.

About the Award
Gwyneth B. Davis was a past president and board member of NCAWA. She died in 1988, following a three-year fight with cancer. In the time that she lived and worked in North Carolina, she served as a staff attorney with Legal Services of Northwest North Carolina in Winston-Salem, and devoted her considerable energies and talents to founding the Forsyth County Women Attorneys Association and working toward the objectives of NCAWA at both the state and local levels. As Attorney Ellen Gerber, who was a founding member of NCAWA, described her, “Gwyn was my comrade in arms against the forces that would oppress women... The strongest image is of Gwyn the peacemaker... Gwyn always seemed the neutral party that could thread her way through the warring factions... Another one of Gwyn’s accomplishments was her work to improve the condition of women throughout North Carolina. Gwyn contributed an important effort to write and lobby for the passage of the state’s first equitable distribution law... She was unfailingly generous in her view of people... She cared deeply and had a great commitment to helping her clients. She also was dedicated to improving the lot of women in general and women attorneys...”

Each year, NCAWA presents the public service award in memory and honor of Gwyneth B. Davis, for the promotion of the participation of women attorneys in the legal profession and the rights of women under the law. We hope that you enjoyed the 2016 PNC Awards Banquet at our Annual Conference.



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