North Carolina Association of Women Attorneys

The NCAWA was founded in 1978 by a vibrant group of women attorneys dedicated to speaking out on issues affecting women in North Carolina both within and outside the legal profession.  Today, NCAWA’s volunteer board and lobbyist, in collaboration with local chapters and members across the state, continue the organization’s powerful mission of promoting the participation of women in the legal profession and advancing the rights and welfare of women under the law.  The NCAWA has adopted resolutions to further its mission and goals of promoting and improving the administration of justice, and increasing the effective participation by women in the justice system, in public office, and within the legal profession.  Members are afforded invaluable opportunities to stay informed about state politics through monthly legislative updates and regular calls with the lobbyist during legislative sessions.   Join the NCAWA to support women and protect the rights of all peoples through a just and fair legal system.

Visit for information about the 2017 Annual NCAWA Conference in Raleigh, NC.