President's Message

I am excited about the opportunities ahead of NCAWA, and I look forward to working with our Board and all our members on many exciting projects this year. We will have a lot of fun. We will encourage each other, celebrating our successes and supporting each other in challenges. Throughout, we will strive to maintain balance in our lives among all the competing goals and obligations. We will strive to be better lawyers and we will strive to make a difference for North Carolina.

 NCAWA continues building on a proud history of service and accomplishment. We are lucky to have had the women before us who opened a path for us. I encourage all of you to join us, to assure that, today and in the future, every woman attorney in North Carolina has the opportunity to be the best and most successful attorney she can be. Then we need to join forces as attorneys to do all we can to protect the rights of North Carolina women under the law. What better and more important work can there be?

Dee Wallis
President, NCAWA 2013-2014    
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