NCAWA is pleased to offer unique opportunities to align your business or organization with one of North Carolina's most influential professional associations. Since organizing in 1978, NCAWA has grown to include over 500 members and has a strong, positive outlook for the future. Our success is due in part to our ability to promote our members and foster the exchange of ideas and information among our members and the legal community at large.

The NCAWA's goals are to increase the effective participation by women in the justice system, in public office, and within the legal profession; to promote the rights of women under the law; and to promote the welfare of the women attorneys of North Carolina. We have been promoting the participation of women in the legal profession and advancing the rights and welfare of women under the law since 1978.

NCAWA strives to meet the professional needs of our members and use our resources and expertise to benefit the citizens of the state of North Carolina.

As a non-profit, 501(c)(6) organization, we are seeking business partners who are interested in supporting our efforts. As a partner, your commitment to the NCAWA and its members will be displayed at NCAWA events held throughout the calendar year in which you are a supporter. We generally hold two large scale events per year: a Spring Fling in May, and an annual conference in the Fall.

Our business partners enjoy valuable exposure and recognition to a group of influential professionals working in the business and legal communities. NCAWA members work in various disciplines including the judiciary, the public service arena, private practice in all areas of legal practice, and as in-house legal counsel. Your sponsorship of NCAWA not only offers you the exciting opportunity to shape the face of the North Carolina legal community, but, by supporting NCAWA’s public interest initiatives, your business promotes equality and the welfare of all North Carolina citizens.

Interested in learning more? Please check out the 2017 NCAWA Sponsorship Package.

Sponsorship Equals Advertising, Exposure, and Opportunities…

  • To network with decision makers and leaders
  • To establish relationships and gain referrals
  • To broaden recognition of your company or organization
  • To build loyalty in a highly prized target market: professional women