Gwyneth B. Davis was a past president and board member of NCAWA.  She died in 1988, following a three-year fight with cancer.  In the time that she lived and worked in North Carolina, she served as a staff attorney with Legal Services of Northwest North Carolina in Winston-Salem, and devoted her considerable energies and talents to founding the Forsyth County Women Attorneys Association and working toward the objectives of NCAWA at both the state and local levels.  As Attorney Ellen Gerber, who was a founding member of NCAWA, described her, “Gwyn was my comrade in arms against the forces that would oppress women... The strongest image is of Gwyn the peacemaker... Gwyn always seemed the neutral party that could thread her way through the warring factions... Another one of Gwyn’s accomplishments was her work to improve the condition of women throughout North Carolina. Gwyn contributed an important effort to write and lobby for the passage of the state’s first equitable distribution law... She was unfailingly generous in her view of people... She cared deeply and had a great commitment to helping her clients. She also was dedicated to improving the lot of women in general and women attorneys...”

Each year, NCAWA presents the public service award in memory and honor of Gwyneth B. Davis, for the promotion of the participation of women attorneys in the legal profession and the rights of women under the law. 


Submission Deadline: August 1, 2020

Gwyneth B. Davis Public Service Award Winners

2019 Ashley Huffstetler Campbell, Yolanda L. Taylor
2018 Judge Christine Walczyk, Diane (Dee) Wallis
2017 Judge Lori Christian, Kate Woomer-Deters
2016 Beth Posner, Chris Brook, Julie Klipp Nicholson
2015 Suzanne Chester
2014 Justice Cherri Beasley, Leah Broker
2013 Harriett Smalls
2012 Lisa Grafstein
2011 Susan M. (Smitty) Dotson-Smith
2010 Barbara (Bonnie) B. Weyher
2008 Justice Robin E. Hudson
2007 Stella Boswell, Judge Joyce Hamilton, Sally H. Scherer
2006 Justice Patricia Timmons-Goodson
2005 Robin L. Ames, Michelle Frances Robertson
2004 Sorien K. Schmidt
2003 Anne R. Slifkin
2002 Senator Ellie Kinnaird, Anne Winner
2001 Elizabeth F. Kuniholm
2000 Hon. Catherine C. Eagles
1999 E. Ann Christian
1998 Bertha (Bea) Holt
1997 Melinda Lawrence, Senator William Nelson Martin, Jennie Leake Hemrick
1996 Rep. Eva Clayton, Hon. Linda McGee, Elaine Marshall, Suzanne Reynolds
1995 Marcia H. Armstrong, Lynn Burleson, Allyson Duncan
1994 Hon. Janice McKenzie Cole, Jane Madden, Ellen Gelbin
1993 Dorothy Bernholz, Sharon Parker, Kathryn Jones-Cooper
1992 Hon. Patricia Love, Hon. Jacqueline Morris-Goodson
1991 Brenda Campbell, Mary Wright
1990 Ann C. Barnes, Charlotte Brody, Anne Mackie
1989 Russell Walker, Judith Wegner
1988 Mary Margaret Flynn, Pamela Gann, James B. McMillan
1987 Hon. Jane Harper, Pam Silberman, Sharon Thompson
1986 Gwyneth B. Davis, Annie Brown Kennedy, Hon. Sarah Parker
1985 Brenda McGhee, Sue Perry, Leslie Winner
1984 J. Ray Elinburg, James B. Hunt, Carol Spruill, Wilma Woodard
1983 Katharine Robinson Everett, Elreta Alexander Ralston, Carolyn McAllaster
1982 Ruth Easterling, Karen Galloway, Rachel Gray, Jane Patterson, Ellen Gerber
1981 Meyressa Schoonmaker, Carolyn McAllaster