NCAWA Membership Dues Levels

Membership dues provide crucial organizational support for NCAWA's operations.  The Board discusses information about NCAWA's operations at the Annual Meeting of the members, which is held during the annual conference.  The proposed budget for the next fiscal year (calendar year) is submitted to members for approval at the Annual Meeting.  

PLEASE NOTE:  All memberships run for the calendar year.

Enhanced Levels of Membership (*These include voluntary donation amounts 
above and beyond regular membership levels).
Convener - $500
Benefactor - $250
Sustainer - $195 

Regular Levels of Membership
Over three years of practice - $145
Over three years of practice and also NCABL or NCGALA members - $125
Second or third year in practice - $95
First year in practice - $45
Public Interest attorney - $105 (this includes government employees)
Judicial member - $145
Law student member - FREE
Affiliate Member (any person interested in furthering the goals of NCAWA) - $70

Half-Year Membership (ONLY for new members or if membership has lapsed five or more years) - $75

Firm Memberships- Please contact for more information