Manisha P. Patel
2020 President, North Carolina Association of Women Attorneys

I am thrilled and honored to serve a second consecutive year as President of the North Carolina Association of Women Attorneys in 2020 as we enter the ‘Roaring Twenties.’ The 2020 NCAWA Board has hit the ground running to ensure we have another successful year. I am excited to bring our 2020 Annual Conference to Durham, North Carolina for the first time and host the event at one of North Carolina’s six law schools, North Carolina Central University School of Law.

As we lead NCAWA through the year, I hope for our continued growth in membership and to strengthen our connection with our members located throughout North Carolina and our eight local chapters. It is my desire that in 2020 we highlight our members’ accomplishments and provide invaluable resources and benefits to all of our members. I also see this coming year as a year to grow the relationships we have formed with other Bar organizations and Affinity groups. I hope that we strengthen all of these relationships to further the mission of NCAWA to advocate for women’s issues on behalf of women attorneys and the greater North Carolina population. North Carolina is at a crossroads and it is my desire especially that we educate and inform our members and North Carolina citizens of the upcoming judicial elections this fall.

For NCAWA to accomplish our goals and further work to achieve NCAWA’s mission, we need our members to take an active role. Whether it's by expanding your professional networks, serving on the Judicial Endorsements Committee PAC, further developing your leadership skills as a local chapter board member, or taking an active role in advocating with our NCAWA Lobbyist, I hope that our members will continue to invest in NCAWA and we will do the same.

I look forward to working with our members and colleagues for a second year to further NCAWA’s mission to promote the participation of women in the legal profession and advance the rights and welfare of women under the law.