Manisha P. Patel
2019 President, North Carolina Association of Women Attorneys

I am thrilled and honored to serve as President of the North Carolina Association of Women Attorneys for 2019. We enter 2019 after a tremendous 40th anniversary of the Association. We are excited to return to Greensboro for our Annual Conference this year on October 10-12, 2019.

As we lead NCAWA into the next 40 years, I hope for our continued growth and to strengthen our connection with not only our members located throughout North Carolina but with other Bar and affinity groups that serve our profession. Our eight tremendous local chapters along with our members throughout the state bring an important perspective to the legal community. I see this coming year as an opportunity. An opportunity for members to work together not only to further the mission of NCAWA but to further advocate for women’s issues on behalf of women attorneys and the greater North Carolina population.

For NCAWA to accomplish our goals, strengthen our ties with fellow Bar and affinity groups, and further work to achieve NCAWA’s mission, we need our members to take an active role. Whether it's by expanding your personal and professional networks, further developing your leadership skills, or taking an active role in advocating with our NCAWA Lobbyist, I hope that our members will continue to invest in NCAWA.

I look forward to working with our members and colleagues this year to continue furthering NCAWA’s mission to promote the participation of women in the legal profession and advance the rights and welfare of women under the law.