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For Your Virtual Meetings

For Your Virtual Meetings

Choose A Quiet Spot

Make sure you’re in a time and place you won’t be interrupted. This seems obvious, but we often forget about dogs barking, noisy lawn mowers, coworkers talking, squeaky chairs and other common background noises. You may want to lock your room to avoid people coming in and out while you are in a call. Or use a headset to block out background noise for yourself.

Lighting is Important

Make sure there is enough diffused light coming towards you for your face to be seen clearly during the call. You don’t want light coming from behind you if at all possible.


Audio is Crucial
Make sure your audio is working well. We recommend keeping a pair of earbuds handy to avoid echo problems.


Check your Connection
We strongly recommend using wired connection (LAN cable) instead of Wi-Fi for a more stable connection during a call. If it’s not an option, try moving your device closer to the Wi-Fi hotspot or router. While video conferencing can work with bandwidths as low as 200kbps, one of the most popular video conferencing sites, Webex is optimal above 500kbps. Consider upgrading your internet bandwidth to project a professional video experience.

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