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President's Message

Laura Loyek
2021 President, North Carolina Association of Women Attorneys

As we (finally) turn the page on 2020, I’m feeling a mix of emotions that I expect most of you share. I’m optimistic that 2021 will be a better, brighter year. At some point in the not-too-distant future, I look forward to hugging friends and family members I haven’t seen in months, sending my kids back to school, and rescheduling cancelled trips. I am hopeful that NCAWA will hold its 2021 Annual Conference in Durham the weekend of September 30-October 2 at NC Central School of Law and the 21c Hotel. Along with this optimism, I’m concerned that the next few months will bring more of the challenges and uncertainty we faced in 2020, and I’m fatigued from months of disruption and worry.

As someone who loves plans and lists, I wish I could include a detailed set of goals and action items for 2021 in this message. But definite plans are hard to make at the moment, especially knowing how quickly and completely things can change. Despite that uncertainty, I am confident that NCAWA will create meaningful connections in 2021. We will support our members and chapters in whatever ways we can. We will continue to advance our mission of promoting the participation of women in the legal profession and advancing the rights and welfare of women under the law. These objectives are more important than ever, and we need your active participation to make NCAWA a strong, dynamic organization that meets the needs of our profession and community.

I am honored to serve as NCAWA’s President as we navigate the coming year. This group has felt like home to me since I attended my first annual conference more than ten years ago. I’ve found it to be a place where people can be their true selves and talk about things that really matter. If you have ideas to share or want to help with the work of NCAWA, please feel free to contact me. I wish you all a safe and happy new year!

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