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Our Lobbyist



Skye David, Attorney and Lobbyist 

Skye David is the lobbyist for the North Carolina Association of Women Attorneys. In this role, she advocates on behalf of NCAWA every day at the state level, holds monthly update calls for members that cover elections, state legislative happenings, and court cases. While she advocates on behalf of NCAWA's priorities and resolutions, she specializes in women's issues at the legislature.  


She is a lobbyist at New Frame, Inc. At New Frame, Skye works on policy, legal and regulatory issues affecting all the firm's clients, with a focus on the policy, lobbying, and legal needs of the New Frame's clients.  During her tenure at New Frame, Skye has built a reputation of trustworthiness, coalition building, and a strong work ethic.   The effects of her work have been featured in The New York Times, Forbes, The Washington Post, and NBCNews, among other outlets.


Have an issue that concerns you or would like more information about? Contact Skye at

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