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The North Carolina Association of Women Attorneys (NCAWA) is the organization where women lawyers in North Carolina come together to build important personal and professional relationships. NCAWA is about women helping women. When you join the NCAWA, you can expect leadership opportunities, rewarding work on our committees, a networking forum for business development, and more.

NCAWA's vision is to build a strong community of women lawyers who make a difference in the profession and in society at large. We believe a strong community of women lawyers is essential to the administration of justice.

NCAWA's goals are to increase the effective participation by women in the justice system, in public office, and within the legal profession; to promote the rights of women under the law; and to promote the welfare of the women attorneys of North Carolina. 

We have been promoting the participation of women in the legal profession and advancing the rights and welfare of women under the law since 1978.

In addition to our interactive website, NCAWA sends e-blasts regarding relevant topics and opportunities up to several times a month. Also, on an annual basis, the NCAWA hosts a fall conference that offers timely educational seminars, continuing legal education credits, and a chance to network with other women attorneys from across the state. Additionally, NCAWA offers members a mechanism to influence legislation, case law and the selection of judges in the state through its Government Action Committee, Lobbyist, and Judicial Endorsements Committee (a registered PAC). 

If you have any questions, please contact NCAWA at 704-940-1707 or via email at

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